About Me

“I was successful, making money, and doing a job, and then I discovered that I could create wealth rather than just work for it…”

I was not looking for another business opportunity when AdvoCare came into my life – I was running five businesses and before that, was the president of several large restaurant chains. But on that morning in September 2003, there was a different plan in store for me. As I was getting ready to go for a run, I tried an AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink.

As a runner for over 25 years at that point, Spark really made a difference during my run! I started taking several more AdvoCare products and lost 38 pounds and six inches off my waist line in just seven weeks.

Bob Ferngren speaking at Advocare Success School in 2012

Bob Ferngren speaking at Advocare Success School in 2012

Once I began taking the products, I started feeling and noticing a difference in my body. That’s when the business side of AdvoCare began to make sense. Soon checks started coming, and those checks kept getting bigger and bigger. When I really started putting forth effort, I was able to earn two Rookie Bonuses.

My first Success School was in Nashville, Tenn. and during School, I just “got it.” I took away three things from that school. One – live a debt-free life, two – have multiple streams of income, and three – work less and earn more. Those three concepts are certainly not taught in the classroom as a child, but it really is how we should all live.

I came back from Success School and started following the Success System and applying the DebtBuster® System. My five businesses had either closed, sold or were costing tons of money to continue operating. I was falling into debt and needed AdvoCare to work.

And it did. Since that first School I have earned an all-expense paid trip to Alaska, and I’ve consistently built my AdvoCare business. I always expected to achieve Diamond from the time I finally got engaged with my businesses , learned the system and began to work on myself. Personal development was the key.

With AdvoCare, I learned I could create wealth. I also learned how to lead a volunteer army and hone my interpersonal and presentation skills and become a great sponsor.

I am passionate about following the Success System and believe it all starts with me being the role model for my team. I never miss Success School and encourage others to attend. It is a corner stone to financial success. I conduct regular team conference calls and do lots of 2-on-1 meetings. My biggest strength is the 3-way call – it works. Additionally, we have local meetings, Mixers and webinars several nights a week.

It’s also about being able to tell your AdvoCare story to others. I tell my team to work on their story, so they can clearly confidently tell others where they are going with their AdvoCare businesses.

Along my journey I’ve found a purpose and calling. The most exciting part for me is seeing the hope the AdvoCare opportunity and products can give a family.

I love waking up when I want, doing what I want and working with who I want, and helping others achieve that freedom too.

I can’t imagine a life without AdvoCare!

If you think you’re ready to take this journey, contact me now!