Checking Out Opportunities

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I just got a call from my daughter, who’s graduating college this summer.

She has an opportunity to interview at a new restaurant concept and get a job bartending until she finds something in her field…

She called me and asked if she should interview for it, as she already has a bartending job in another successful restaurant.

My response was, “yes.”

Yes, because I believe a key to success in life is ALWAYS checking out opportunities.

Bob Ferngren time memeMy experience has taught me that we all have opportunities (we live in the land of opportunity), and most people don’t even notice them… and even when confronted with an opportunity, their mind races to excuses and “yeah, but’s.”

But a few people do check out those opportunities.

I have an amazing, life-changing opportunity with a 20-year PROVEN track record for those who can put in consistent effort… along with personal growth, they can achieve a life of total financial freedom.


And yet many, even most, won’t even take the time to learn about it.

It used to upset me, but now I get it… I don’t like it, but I get it and I’ve gotten over it.

Because I regularly get to talk to people that are open to hearing about opportunities and it is always such a delight.

Several months ago, I was introduced to a gentlemen that owns 4 businesses and personally runs one of them, a successful restaurant.

In order for us to talk, he found 30 minutes between opening his restaurant and his customers arriving for lunch when he could learn more about this opportunity.

When I asked him why he would even be interested in having another business, as he is already a successful, busy person, he responded, “I am successful because I keep my mind open to hearing about opportunities.”

I love meeting people that are busy/successful and suddenly their priorities have changed, like having a baby or getting married or other life stuff

Suddenly they can shift their mind and find time to learn about new opportunities that can fit in with their new priorities.

When you keep your eyes up and open, when you’re friendly and you smile and you have an open mind and realize “things happen for reasons,” and “opportunities come for reasons,” then you’re more likely to see those opportunities.

Of course some of those opportunities can lead to helping you get what you want.

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