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You want to be successful, you want to have a sense of control over your life and future, and you see more coming in your future.

There’s only one way (other than inheritance) to get there… you have to change.

First, the logical response:

Doing what you have been doing got you right where you are… so if you’re seeking a better life, a more fulfilling life, an abundant life…

Of course you can’t keep doing what you have been doing, as it will only get you more of what you have (or don’t have).

That probably doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out.

changeSo if you “get that,” and it most likely isn’t the first time you’ve read or heard that, why is it so difficult to change?

I can think of three reasons… most likely the obvious, again.

1. you have NEVER really made the decision to be a person willing to change, grow, and learn and do new and different things.

Yet, you HAVE made many decisions along the path of “getting what you want,” i.e. your spouse, your house, your car, your job… whether you still like/want those things… YOU originally decided you wanted them.

You have to decide to be a person willing to change and grow, because you’re either growing or going backwards…

You really can’t stay in the middle.

2. You tried to change and grow and it was painful and time consuming and you eventually quit…

Duh, if it was easy, everyone would do it!

I always thought it was MORE painful and less time consuming (in the long haul) to change and grow… meaning if I sacrifice NOW, the better things, the more important things I will get later and more abundantly…

I have NEVER eaten the icing first… always saved it.

3. The people around you don’t encourage your growth and change, and their opinion is more important than designing your own life… that one you have to face…

This life thing goes by REAL FAST.

When you look around yourself and maybe even reflect on folks you have known since high school, it really should be apparent…

Most are no different than they were “back then,” and the life they have is one that “happened” to them…

And then a few are really different and successful…

Most likely your first thoughts would be “Wow, they have really changed…”

It’s because… they really changed.

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