Thank You!

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“Thank you!”

Two POWERFUL words…

There are quite possibly hundreds of times a day that you can say “thank you.”

I’ve been doing this leadership thing for a long time, I’ve been doing life even longer, and I swear nothing causes a more positive reaction from others than a sincere and specific “thank you.”

So if we are all working on this life thing, and this work thing, and relationships, and raising children, and marriages… if two words are sure to cause positive reactions, what if you just committed to being specific and saying “thank you…” a lot!

All of the obvious ones probably come to mind, like good grades, good performance, good work effort, clean house… but I’m talking about going beyond that.

Walking around the office daily and commenting on others’ jobs and thanking them… whether you’re the boss or not.

The lawn guy…

The dry cleaner people…

The guy that let you into traffic…

The housekeeping person that cleaned your room…

There are people everywhere, and who doesn’t love sincere and specific “thank you’s?”

To say “thank you” a lot, you have to be awake, and I’m not talking about sleeping, I’m talking about awake and aware of others.

Most people are not awake… most people are in their own world.

Thank you = positive reaction = good feelings about you.


Thank you… for reading and sharing this blog!

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