The Pull of Average

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I talk to people everyday that are frustrated, tired, and broke.

I present an opportunity that, with consistent effort, can completely change their current situation to one that first gives hope and then can begin to fill the hole of life they have dug for themselves and eventually lead to financial freedom…

And yet so many either don’t get started or fall off… it’s heartbreaking.

But I get it.

Its called The Pull of Average.

The The Pull of Average is almost as strong as gravity… because it will weigh you down.

The simplest way I can explain The Pull of Average: It’s putting more weight into what others think about you and/or what you are doing and what they might say or do to you, than you put into your own wants/needs/desires.


You see it in schools in poorer neighborhoods… some kid decides to excel and get ahead and she’s told that she’s “selling out” or “sucking up” or worse.

You see it in unions… you can go faster or do better, yet you’re told, “Hey, you’re making us look bad, slow down.”

You see it in meetings… you have a great idea, yet you remain silent, because “put-downs” are part of the culture (makes you wonder why they invited you to the meeting).

You see, deciding to excel, do better, get ahead, be polite, be professional, fulfill your purpose and be successful (however you define that) is a threat and a reminder to The Average and so they pull and pull and pull.

Most times the pulling is wrapped up in nice things like “I don’t want you to get your hopes up,” or “I tried one of those things before, and you will lose all your money,” or “If you just don’t make waves…”

Or sometimes it’s meaner… “You can’t,” “You’ll quit,” “What makes you think this time is different,” or even meaner.

The Pull of Average

Its job is to keep you right where you’re at… no threat, no reminder of their failures.

So what do you do to get out of The Pull?


Decide that no one, nor their opinion, nor their attitude, nor their snide remarks, nor their ignoring you, nor their annoying you is more important than your success… it’s YOUR life… not theirs, YOURS.

You may have to move or leave a job or get new friends (most likely), but (and it’s a BIG BUT)… you only have one life and in you is SOMETHING

That SOMETHING needs to come out.

The more that SOMETHING comes out, the more The Pull of Average goes away. (It has other people to pull down to average).

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