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Focus… it’s a process to get great at!

So you know what you want, you’ve thought it through, you have a list and you’ve prioritized it. Excellent!

You have taken the time to write out those goals/wants/desires and maybe even have reminders everywhere, including taking the time to create a vision board so you can “see and feel” your future. Very excellent!

You have eliminated all the non-result-producing activities and non-encouraging people that you can.

You see clearly now.

At this point, it’s all about focus.

Focus, to me, is about directing your best time and your best efforts…

Truthfully, for most it comes in bursts… bursts of energy and activity.

It’s also about attitude and “doing whatever it takes” now.

It’s about knowing: the bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles, you get to know more and you actually get more energy taking on those obstacles.

Focus is usually about different… different than what you’re currently doing.

Maybe you’re a person that likes to have fun and “cut up” all the time and now it’s time to be serious.

Maybe you’re a person that takes everything seriously and now it’s time to smile, have fun, and turn work into play.

Focus is also a feeling…

Batters say the baseball gets to be the size of a basketball, mathematicians see new equations, clothes fit better… it’s like wearing regular sunglasses while boating and then someone hands you polarized sunglasses…

Things just become clearer. Answers and ideas come quicker.

Focus also keeps you saying to yourself: “I can, I will, I am.”

This is what Wikipedia says about Focus (cognitive process):

…selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things…

Can’t disagree with Wikipedia!

It is concentration, no doubt, but to get there, focus is a process to get great at.

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