Give Up or Give Up

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You are going to either give up on life (and having life on your terms) or give up stuff that doesn’t get you where you want to go.

Dang, it’s those choices again!

If you have already given up on life…

Stop reading now, return immediately to the couch, and reset yourself to rationalizing away your “lost opportunities.”

If you’re “fighting for a purpose” or “sick and tired of being sick and tired” or you just have a “desire for more,” you’re going to have to give up some things now.

Start with the simplest lists, asking the question:

“Is this activity helping me to get closer to my goals?”

Here are some of the things I have personally “kicked off my island” over the years:

  • Idle chitchat on the phone
  • Reading the newspaper (I come from the newspaper business)
  • Talk radio
  • Any Facebook game
  • Mindless Facebook and Twitter stuff
  • Playing on sports teams (I will now)
  • Lottery
  • Any computer or TV game
  • Hanging out in bars and clubs
  • Lots of weekends and nights
  • Talking about others
  • TV (Truthfully, I watch some sports, I’m an avid Miami Dolphins fan, and I’ll watch movies)

It’s your list… you can do it!

Give up stuff that doesn’t help you get closer to what you want or give up altogether… the couch is calling!

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