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Smiling, Really?

Yeah, smiling.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the haves and the have-nots.

The have-nots seem to focus on themselves, their problems, their circumstances, and the have-nots rarely smile.

Oh by the way, I am not talking about having money or wealth or not having money or wealth.

Everyone describes a good life in their own way…

The have-nots seem to say things like “if only,” and “if that person had not done that thing to me…”

The have-nots hang their heads a lot too (look around the grocery store next time)…

Rarely do they smile.

The have-nots come up short in relationships, business… They lose time, money and energy.

All you have to do is smile… really?

Smiling is contagious.

Studies also show people that laugh and smile more also live longer.

Seems to me of all the human things we can do, one of the most powerful is to choose…

Choosing how we respond in situations and circumstances, choosing to be the person that smiles.

Smiling, if not naturally, can be learned.

The real deal about smiling and the haves…

The haves have a sense that things do work out for the good; the haves smile more because they tend to look to the future more, grounded in the present, looking to and working towards a future.

Of all the human things we can do… we can smile.

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