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It really is true: When you give without expecting to get, you always get more.

It’s even more true that when you give from that more, you get even more.

Its one of those things I really don’t understand, I just “get it”.

I get that giving makes me feel great and when I feel great, I naturally attract better things and better people into my life.

But the secret is giving without expecting to get, and giving even when you think you can’t afford it.

After all, what is a greater gift: Giving when you can’t, or when abundance is flowing?

Giving when you can’t is the correct answer.

Giving doesn’t just mean money either.

Several years ago, things were not going well in my life.

I was financially broke, marriage falling apart, business and relationships were a struggle…

One day I just “bought into” the idea of giving without expecting anything in return.

I decided to get involved in a ministry helping to rebuild and remodel in the poorest of neighborhoods.

My specialty was running to Home Depot (not even sure how to use a screwdriver).

I also decided to give away everything in our 2 storage facilities, the stuff of life we had accumulated, to a local charity.

At the bottom financially a couple of weeks later, a lady from an insurance company came to my house.

She later told me she ordinarily never goes to peoples’ houses, and talked to me about some insurance I had and would I come to the office…

I went the following week and after learning what she was talking about, I had $10,000 available to me, and she asked if I would like to keep it in the account or take it…

I needed $8,000 to catch up and not lose everything.

Since making up my mind to be a giver, stories like the one above, are now common.

I am convinced that giving without expecting to get works…

I am more convinced it’s not a formula thing, its a heart thing.

Right Heart = Right Results

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  1. Thank you Bob – These are words I needed to hear. I am going through some changes in my life right now, some of which I don’t have control of, but the choice for gratitude and giving is withing my control!

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