Just Let the Good In

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The Way To Get Good Out is to Only Let Good In.

I stopped watching TV years ago. I used to love talk radio and now I can’t stand it.

Most of my life, from 14 on, I read the newspaper before the sun was up (I actually used to deliver newspapers to stores)… I used to watch murder, death, kill scary movies… When I look back at that time, the very first thoughts I always had were negative and usually my words too were negative.

Lots of times it would switch to positive, but almost always first thoughts and words negative.


So I got rid of that stuff, I still know who the president is, I know the government, with great intentions, can not solve much of anything.

I know if there is a war or an earthquake… I know all that stuff and I vote and have opinions… I just don’t dwell on it or have the constant drum beat of some “talking head” fire hosing me for hours.

I have replaced that “negative stuff” with reading scripture daily, reading leadership and interpersonal skills books and blogs of people that are winning and success oriented, I listen to positive speakers and I love listening to music (all kinds)…

I write out a gratitude list every morning and walk around my garden and spend time with my critters. Now my first thoughts are positive…my first words are thought through and generally always positive.

Since I am convinced you become what you think about the most, I am pretty sure I am a much more positive person…

Something I learned a long time ago: Positive things happen to positive people.

Just let the good in… then the good will come out.

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  1. Lisa Harpe says:

    Thank you for sharing. I will turn my TV off too and start pouring positive “stuff” in me.

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